About Us

Since the beginning of her career in 1987, Francyne Caron took great strides within the sporting industry, starting as Marketing Director for the company Exact. Already she knew how to guide arena coordinators with their purchases of sports equipment, such as machines to sharpen skates. Francyne's great expertise led her to become General Manager (Canada), for the Swedish company Profile, also specialising in automatic skate sharpening equipment.

With an agile mindset, Francyne Caron would like to welcome her children Olivier et Charlotte Raymond into the business. While continuing to offer Nevco products that have been recognized since 1934 for their performance and durability unlike any others we are proud to evolve the company to the next level.

Pointage Pro will guarantee the same quality and reliability, as well as the same exceptional service you have come to know, including the 5-year guarantee on the scoreboards after sale. Ultimately, with Pointage Pro you will be assured to have a highly specialized product with an equally specialized customer service experience.

Do you need a scoreboard, a message center or a video display? The Nevco products are designed for all uses and more importantly for all budgets. Over 100 000 Nevco products have been installed all over the world. From huge metropolitan areas to smaller cities, from big educational institutions to smaller schools, from massive sport complexes to more modest arenas, whether inside or outside, Nevco boards and accessories are the perfect addition to your special events and enhance your daily activities!

At Pointage Pro, we are your go-to-resource for Nevco scoreboards, video displays, and scoring accessories. We offer unparalleled industry expertise, experience, and service that meets the needs of sports communities of all levels in Quebec and the Maritimes. Our mission is to make sports and physical activity accessible to everyone.

The Pointage Pro Team is here for you!